Sneaking learning into playtime and birthday parties Vol. 1 – Smarts and Crafts: Bead Lizards

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It’s hard enough to peel Double kids away from their devices anymore, but to convince them do math or science instead (and enjoy it?!)?  Oof, that’s a tough one.  Well…what if we planned a super-fun activity that wasn’t really just for funsies?  Think of it like hiding extra veggies in the pasta: if you use the right recipe, the kids won’t even notice, and when you tell them – they won’t even care.

Execution is wholesale jerseys key here – if your kids aren’t into learning on purpose or whatever, don’t approach it like an Fun assignment! Find something that you know they enjoy People and run with it.  The whole world is literally made of science, you can do it. I believe in you. 

This blog is the first of a series DIY at-home workshop walk throughs, and we’ve got a little bit of something for cheap nba jerseys everyone.

What we’re making this week

Pony Bead Lizards
From the Smarts & Crafts collection (this one’s for you, children of the 90’s)

Crafting in the makerspace is one of our favorite things to do – it combines creative with critical thinking. cheap nfl jerseys  It’s also a nice way to unplug and spend quality time together.  Projects like this are easy, inexpensive to make, can accommodate one or many, and your little maker gets their own work of art that they can show off.

What you’ll cheap nba jerseys need:

  • 2 meters of ribbon
  • Pony beads of varied color
  • Scissors
  • Workshop Worksheet or graphing paper
  • Colored pencils, markers, Beginnings or crayons (for the worksheet)
  • Key ring (optional)
  • Tape measure



Before putting scissors to ribbon, have your little maker Foto put pencil to paper.  This is a perfect opportunity to talk about the importance of “measure twice, cut once” and being mindful of resource consumption.  We measured out a very generous 2 meters of ribbon – at the end of the diagram workshop, you’ll probably have enough left over to make 2 more lizards.  The extra length is also helpful when the ribbon begins to fray a bit, you can just snip the end for wholesale nfl jerseys a clean new edge.

We’ve created a simple example worksheet to get the gears turning and help plan the crafting process.  You can use it to play with color placement, and map out how to thread the ribbon through beads (it’s fun to treat it like a labyrinth, try solving it by drawing 1 continuous line).  The back of the sheet can be used as scratch paper for math.

Pony Bead Lizard

These photos should help out if you get stumped somewhere along the way, but we won’t spell it out for you.  Explore, experiment, and enjoy!

Tips: Don’t thread the ribbon too tight, you’ll end up with a rigid lizard!  Try using food-grade string and candy beads for some fun you can eat 🙂

[pjc_slideshow Guard slide_type=”pony-bead-lizard”]


Have your own workshop idea? We’d love to hear it! Have a topic, but can’t figure out what to do with it? Let us try to help – just drop a line in the comments!

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