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Hello World!

Welcome to the Thumble Blog.  Allow us to introduce ourselves:

We are in the beginning phases of kicking off this initiative, brand spanking new as of January 2016.  We are a state-recognized non-profit mlb organization in southeast Michigan.  The idea is wholesale mlb jerseys to give local students access to higher quality S.T.E.A.M. education, via shared community resources, such as our Mobile Makerspace, online lesson/curriculum matching, and a lending-library of resources.

What began as a 1 (wo)man band with a love for technology is slowly evolving into something more.  We have acquired a small-but-mighty arsenal of learning kits, and are fielding some of our equipment with local schools to see what learners really respond to.  Resources are currently somewhat limited, as we are self-funded, but we’re off to a fantastic start.

What we are building is a community-based pool of resources for local Crazy educators.

  • Through a shared lending program, we can give area schools access to the latest and greatest in educational technology, even if per it isn’t in the school’s budget.  By delivering learning materials on-demand, the makerspace goes anywhere you go.
  • As our Whitewater community of makers grows, our offerings will expand. We can provide enough equipment for each student to have a hands-on experience exploring the science in everything.  Workshop topics are endless!  Food, music, video games, art and color, software, electronics, gross stuff – whatever.  We will do science to it.  Creatively.
  • Workshops
    • We are the cheap jerseys official Detroit Chapter of the littleBits Global Community.  We will be hosting monthly Invent Events at different locations in the metro, each month tackling a new Design Challenge.
    • From time to time we will host more unique workshops for special occasions, cheap jerseys requests, or if one of our Makers would like to share their knowledge on what they’re passionate about.

This is only the beginning!  We would love for you to join our community and follow us as we thumble along.

Let’s do this! aus  #MakeInDetroit

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