Our Roots

There is science in everything – it is just waiting to be discovered.  Now, let us explore!

The idea of a traveling after-school-type program was originally conceived in 2013, when we were looking for ways to try and advance informal learning within our local community as a (sort of) response to the conditions at many DPS schools.   We wanted to be able to reach as many students as we could, so we thought: why not go to them?  At first, we started teaching students at a children’s center how to create their own video games in an after school program.  It was a hit!   The students loved it, and always asked when the next class would be.  There is a warm, gooey feeling that comes with getting kids excited about learning, and it ignited a passion in our founder.

How can we reach more students?  How can we make this accessible to all classrooms?  What and how do we teach them?  How do we keep this going? After years of researching, planning, and trial-and-error, we found answers to our questions, and the vision for our project evolved into something much greater than where it originally started.

  • We will go wherever students need us.
  • We can offer a free lending library so that educators can use the latest in learning tech in their classrooms.
  • Learn by doing – we are huge advocates of the maker movement, practical application, and problem-based learning.
  • By creating a community of knowledge-sharing, we can continue to learn from each other and share our skills.

After we were able to clearly define what we could offer, we made it official.  As of January 2016, Thumble is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization.  Let’s do this thing!

Start small.  Dream big.  Build up to it.

See what we’re dreaming about…