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Online Resources

These free resources are available from reputable sites across the web, are suitable for many age/grade levels.


Lending Library

We at Thumble are delighted to offer our lending services to public schools throughout the Detroit Metro.



Let us bring our mobile makerspace to you. We lead a variety of workshops that are sure to stimulate the brain!

hive mind
noun: hivemind
  1. a collective consciousness, analogous to the behavior of social insects, in which a group of people become aware of their commonality and think and act as a community, sharing their knowledge, thoughts, and resources

Thumble is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is here to make S.T.E.M. learning opportunities more available to curious minds in the Detroit Metro.  We want to foster a community of knowledge-sharing, and value practical skill application through problem-based learning.  We offer public workshops via our mobile makerspace, a learning-technology lending library for educators, and invite you to join our Young Maker club. Thumble's goal is to put our resources within reach of every school in the Detroit Public School system, and beyond.  We can advance informal learning by using resources that have been designed especially for children, and have a blast while doing it. Educators can share their classroom tips (and more) with each other, and children will be able to share experiences with students at other schools. 

Between 2017 and 2020, Michigan science standards for K-12 students are changing to meet next-gen standards.
Let's make sure that our educators have everything that they need to rise to the challenge.  We believe that all classrooms should be equal, and have access to the same tools and resources.  We can provide enough equipment for each student, making it a hands-on learning experience for everyone.  The concept of a mobile makerspace is just that - it can go wherever there's a road.  This eliminates the need for educators to find funding for resources that would not see everyday use in the classroom.  It's not only hardware and software that we provide, but also our talented makers and mentors.  Workshops can be hosted in-class, after school, at your venue, or any public location. We're trying something different.  It's a community.  It's open source.  It's constantly evolving.  It's a lot of fun. The makerspace is flexible.  If you just need to use our resources, that's cool.  Need to learn how to use something that you want to use in your home or class?  We can train you.  Need an idea for a workshop?  We have plenty.  Want to host a workshop?  We'll see you there.  Are you trying to find a workshop or event to attend?  Let's create one.

Let's make something awesome.